Elpida Tzafestas

Elpida Tzafestas

Electrical and Computer Engineer (NTUA, Athens),
DEA and Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris).

I have been researcher and senior researcher in the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems from September 1999 to September 2009.

As of September 2009, I am associate professor of artificial intelligence in the Department of Philosophy and History of Science of the University of Athens.

These pages will soon move to a Univ. of Athens address.

Address		Cognitive Science Laboratory
		Department of History and Philosophy of Sciences (M.I.Th.E.)
		National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
		University Campus, Ano Ilisia
		15771 Athens
Tel.		(30)-210-727 5522
Fax.		(30)-210-727 5530

E-mail		etzafestas@phs.uoa.gr


My research interests are mainly in the intersection of complex systems and cognitive science, theoretical biology, artificial life and social modeling.

Further academic interests include adaptive and enactive user-interfaces as well as complex networks for natural resources management and transport.

My principal hobby is music (theory and practice). I play the guitar --anybody for a jam?

Current projects:

Impulsive behavioral and social regulation mechanisms:
Imitation, attraction, anxiety, play, the moods etc.

Cells, insects and carnivores with representations

Fungus eaters

Cognitive modeling for math puzzles

Applied cultural modeling

Graphical tools for agent-based simulation and modeling

Web services design as artificial biology

And I am also trying to learn to play some mandolin

Selected publications

Software (To be updated)


My 10 favorite guitar players

Internet recommendations (outdated...)

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