Graphical User Interface Development

(A short course using Java AWT and Swing)

Elpida Tzafestas, last update December 2005


This course has emerged out of a human computer interaction and GUI development course, delivered to undergraduate compute science students from October 1996 to February 2001. The purpose of this course has been to familiarise students with the basic functionality of complex GUIs and how this may be implemented using the Java AWT (the course was later upgraded to Java Swing).

The major design object that is explained step-by-step in this course is a drawing editor including and implementing basic editing functionality such as input, selection, clipboard, undo/redo etc., as well as advanced special purpose polygon operations such as vertex dragging and merging/splitting.

Subsequent versions of this online course will address more advanced interface issues, such as GUI classification, functional design, abstract manipulation of graphical elements, manipulation languages and many more.


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Course material

Selected images from the drawing editor

Some GUI operations

Polygon merging
Object grouping

Some complete drawings







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