Complex Biological Systems (formerly Complex Adaptive Systems)
(M.Sc. in Bioinformatics, University of Athens)


  1. At a theoretical level, the course seeks to present to the students a global view of the methods and techniques of the interdisciplinary field of complex adaptive systems, as applied to the dynamic modelling and the theoretical investigation of a wealth of biological problems at all levels of analysis. Moreover, it aims to offer to the students a theoretical background that will allow the identification and discovery of new problems that lend themselves to this kind of modelling and study.

  2. At a practical level, the course seeks to have the students experiment with some pre-existing systems and/or model some complex dynamical phenomena, so as to systematically investigate and evaluate alternative models and corresponding results as far as their validity is concerned as well as from a methodological point of view.


	Elpida Tzafestas
	Associate Professor
	Cognitive Science Laboratory
	Department of History and Philosophy of Science (M.I.Th.E.)
	National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
	University Campus, Ano Ilisia 15771 Athens
	Tel. (+30) 210-727 5522,
	     (+30) 210-727 5506
	Fax. (+30) 210-727 5530


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