The two most recent books are:

1. S. Patnaik, L. C. Jain, S. G. Tzafestas, G. Resconi and A. Konar (eds.), Innovations in Robot Mobility and Control, Springer, Berlin (2006).

2. S. G. Tzafestas, Web-Based Control and Robotics Education, Springer, Dordrecht/Berlin (2009).

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Greek Textbooks

During his career, Spyros G. Tzafestas has written 18 textbooks in Greek to cover several educational needs in Greece. The most recent books used in his courses at NTUA and adopted by many other Greek Universities are the following:

1. Computational Intelligence (2nd Edition, 2002)
Contents A Vol. A: Methodologies (Chapters 1-11)
Contents B Vol. B: Applications (Chapters 12-20)

2. Robotics: Analysis-Control-Planning-Programming-Sensing (4th Edition, 2003)
Contents [Chapters 1-16]

3. Expert Systems and Applications - With Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3rd Edition, 2005)
Contents [Chapters 1-12]

4. Automatic Control of Continuous-Time & Discrete-Time Linear and Nonlinear Systems (First Edition, 2004)
Contents 1 Vol. 1: Analysis and Basic Controllers (Chapters 1-14)
Vol. 2: Design, Advanced Controllers and Applications
Contents 2A Part A (Chapters 15-20)
Contents 2B Part B (Chapters 21-26)