kjscal - Automatic joystick calibration for Linux

kjscal is a simple kernel module that is based on the Linux kernel 2.6.x input system. For each attached joystick, or joystick-like device, it creates a virtual joystick device with automatically calibrated axis. To achieve this, it uses the events it receives from the "real" joystick to determine what are the limits of its movement and then rescales the values it receives to provide full-scale movement for the software.

Since it supports runtime recalibration, it can be used with unstable devices for which a fixed jscal command (e.g. in the boot/hotplug scripts) is just not sufficient.

NOTICE: This project is not supported any more. evmapd offers this kind of functionality and it is a far more flexible, reliable and clean solution.

kjscal is released under the GNU General Public License.

The latest version of kjscal is 0.1.4:
You can get older releases from the file repository.

For comments, suggestions, bug reports and code contributions you may contact Theodoros Kalamatianos, kjscal's author and maintainer.