evmapd - An input event remapping daemon for Linux

evmapd is a daemon for the remapping of input events on Linux. It uses the evdev interface to access an input device, such as a keyboard or a joystick, and then the uinput interface to create a new, virtual device to which the altered events are relayed.

It can be used to remap keys, buttons and axis, or to perform some more complex translations between different event types, such as remapping the POV switches of a joystick to sets of buttons.

In addition it incorporates an auto-calibration algorithm for ABS axis events, which is relatively functional and may be useful for some joystick owners.

evmapd is released under the GNU General Public License.

The latest version of evmapd is 0.0.3:
You can get older releases from the file repository.

For comments, suggestions, bug reports and code contributions you may contact Theodoros Kalamatianos, evmapd's author and maintainer.