Some of my projects

I have worked on several different areas and I enjoyed each and every one of them at the time.

Usually, projects requiring some mathematics and algorithmic aspects or some difficult research immediately catch my interest :-) Here are some representative ones, ranging in different technical fields:

  • [2005-2006] Web and ecommerce products and services, Search and the Internet: IP forensics, product testing, infringement analysis, claim charting and so on, IPVALUE Management Inc, Bridgewater, NJ.
  • [2004] Meta Data Syndication for Grid/Web, NEC Laboratories America, Inc, Princeton, NJ.
  • [2003] Grid Networking (content distribution, broadband and wireless), NEC Laboratories America, Inc, Princeton, NJ.
  • [2002] Optical Networks (protection, hierarchical networks, RWA, simulations), NEC USA, Inc, Princeton, NJ, C&C Research Labs.
  • [2001] Forwarding Engines for fast routers, NEC USA, Inc, Princeton, NJ.
  • [1996-2001] Rate Scheduling Techniques and Delay Quality of Service Guarantees for Heterogeneous Networks, Ph.D. dissertation, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.
  • [Summer 1999] Rate Scheduling for CDMA Wireless Communications Systems, Bell Labs , Holmdel, NJ.
  • [Summer 1998] Power Analysis from the Field Data in Mobile Communications Systems, Lucent Technologies , Whippany, NJ.
  • [1997 - Summer 1998] Power Management in Mobile Communications Systems, Research Seminar for Master's, Princeton University.
  • [Fall 1997] Signal Analysis and Communications Systems, Princeton University.
  • [Fall 1995 - 1996] Complexity in Multidestination Dynamic Routing Networks, National Technical University of Athens , Greece.
  • [Summer 1995] Safety Interlocking Units for the Austrian Federal Railway, Siemens , Vienna, Austria.
  • [1994] Voice Processing, NTUA, Greece.
  • Summer 1994: Unix Operating System and Programming Languages, NTUA, Greece.

Publications are available upon request.