I was born in Athens, Greece.

After finishing my undergrad studies in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA, Greece, from where I graduated in 1996 with honors, I came to Princeton University to pursue a Ph.D. in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering.

During the summers of 1998 and 1999, I worked for Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations in Whippany and Holmdel. I graduated from Princeton University in February 2001 and had a hard time deciding whether I should join Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ or NEC in Princeton, NJ. I finally chose to work for NEC, which I joined in March 2001.

In October 2005, I realized that Intellectual Property is a fast growing field and decided to jump in. I started working for IPVALUE Management Inc, a great startup that gives me the chance to work on something different every day: from technical analysis and research of patents to valuation, from product testing and research to detecting infringement and creating claim charts, from due diligence to digging into file histories, from being involved in patent sales to assertion programs and so on and so forth. I like Intellectual property forensics so much, I decided to study and take the USPTO patent bar exam, which I passed. It certainly helped me view what I am doing from a different perspective :-)

I live in New Jersey and enjoy the Garden State and its proximity to Philadelphia, NY and other major cities. I like biking, skating and going on short excursions in the nature with my husband and three sons.


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