CTC: It was about time

CTC, also known as Cut the Crap was a nifty piece of software written by yours truly ages ago, using the excellent Python language. CTC had started as an exercise, but pretty soon it became a full-featured proxy server that could filter content with plug-ins and everything. For you who smile now, yes, v2 (marked stable) also had bugs.

It was strange, interesting and flattering to see that even these days, years after CTC was last updated, this page was taking lots of hits and people were actually still downloading the software -- maybe even using it, who knows. However, clearly right now there are much better solutions on the client side. If you are interested in filtering the content on your desktop only, my suggestion is to use Firefox with Adblock (working version at this time over here) and the Filterset.G filter set (you may prefer to install the auto-updater extension).

If you have multiple desktops and want to use a proxy like CTC (indeed, much more elegant), I would first suggest you try to find a product or product combination that is being actively developed -- remember that CTC has not been updated for years now. If, for any twisted reason, you still want to use CTC, go on and click here. You've been warned.

Peace, brothers.

Fri Dec 9 00:42:41 EET 2005