CTC (also know as ``Cut The Crap'') is a proxy-like server, that will keep advertisement banners out of your (web-browsing) sight. You can have a look at the accompanying README file, and of course you can download the software's latest version (2.0). The CHANGELOG is also available. Older versions are available here. Oliver Kurth was kind enough to create RPMs for the SuSE Linux distribution. You can find them here. The README file is also included in the distribution. Read it for installation instructions, + hints on the projects I stole the idea from :-)

CTC is developed under GNU/Linux, but should work under all unices with a working Python 1.5.x version.

In order to use CTC, you will need Python. Python comes with all big GNU/Linux distributions nowadays, and it should also be available on most other Unix-oids. I have only tested CTC with version 1.5.2 of Python, but I am quite sure it will work with 1.5.1 too.

If you encounter problems, PLEASE let me know about them. My e-mail address is ckotso@cs.ntua.gr.

Last but not least, CTC is GNU-style licensed :-)

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