actkbd - A keyboard shortcut daemon

actkbd is a simple daemon that binds actions to keyboard events. It recognises key combinations and can handle press, repeat and release events. Currently it only supports the linux-2.6 evdev interface, but the platform-specific code is well-contained, so that support for additional platforms can be added with no or minimal changes to the rest of the code.

It uses a plain-text configuration file which contains all the bindings. Its file format has some prediction for command modules, which would allow the user to perform some common actions (e.g. eject the CD-ROM or change the volume) without having to call external commands. Currently, though, actkbd can only execute external commands.

actkbd is released under the GNU General Public License.

The latest version of actkbd is 0.2.8:
You can get older releases from the file repository.

For comments, suggestions, bug reports and code contributions you may contact Theodoros Kalamatianos, actkbd's author and maintainer.