Supervised Ph.D. Theses

  1. P. Paraskevopoulos (1976): Exact Model Matching of Linear Multivariable Systems
  2. A. Kossidas (1981): Microprogrammed Simulation in the Design and Application of Computer Control
  3. T. Pimenides (1982): Analysis and Design of 3-Dimensional Systems in State Space
  4. A. Zagorianos (1993): Contribution to the Analysis and Control of Industrial Robots
  5. A. Triantafyllakis (1993): Analysis, Modelling and Problem Solving in Parallel Scheduling of Industrial and Computational Processes
  6. G. Kapsiotis (1994): Modelling, Optimization and Control of Integrated Manufacturing Systems
  7. F. Hatzivassiliou (1994): Contribution to the Human-Machine-Environment Interaction: Autonomous Motion in the Work Space and an Haptic Sensory System of Industrial Robots
  8. P. Dalianis (1996): Neural Networks in the Diagnosis and Control of Robotic Systems
  9. N. Katevas (1997): Intelligent Autonomous Robots: Contribution to the Architecture and Trajectory Planning
  10. M. Tzamtzi (1998): Robust Stability and Robust Control of Linear and Nonlinear Systems
  11. G. Stamou (1998): Fuzzy Reasoning and Neural Learning in System Modelling and Decision Making – Robotic and Enviromental Applications
  12. G. Rigatos (1999): Intelligent Control Based on Reactive Learning – Application to Robotics and Industrial Processes
  13. P. Prokopiou (2000): Design and Neural Control of Robotic Telemanipulators – Use of Human Arm Models and Compensation of Time Delays
  14. S. Raptis (2001): Hybrid Genetic, Fuzzy and Neural Techniques in Modelling, Optimization and Decision Making
  15. C. Zikides (2002): New Techniques of Neural Learning and Neuro-fuzzy Reasoning: Application in Robotics and Automatic Control
  16. J. Pantazopoulos (2002): Contribution to Graphics Design and Navigation in 3-Dimensional Environments – New Techniques and Software Tools
  17. G. Apostolikas (2003): Adaptive Online Learning in Neural and Fuzzy Systems – Applications in Forecasting, Identification, Control, and Action Selection
  18. E. Skoundrianos (2005): Modelling and Fault Diagnosis Identification of Dynamic Systems via Local Neural Network Models – A New Sigmoid Function and Application to two Benchmark Systems
  19. K. Deliparaschos (2010): Design Architecture, Implementation and Application of Intelligent Control Algorithms in Digital VLSI Systems
  20. D. Aristos (2010): CAD Model Registration and Simultaneous Robot-World and Hand-Eye Calibration using a Stereo Head of Cameras
  21. G. Moustris (2010): Mobile Robot Path Tracking using Fuzzy Logic – Polygonal to Straight Line Path Transformation