Supervised Diploma/Master's Theses

Supervision of 130 Diploma/Master's Theses. A sample follows.

  1. V. Devliotis (1977): The State Space Approach to Nuclear Reactor Control
  2. G. Elias (1978): Design of Optimal Controller with a Practical Laboratory Case Study
  3. P. Mourelatos (1979): Stability and Control of Large Scale Energy Systems
  4. K. Rokkos (1980): Exact and Approximate Decoupling Control of Multi-Core Nuclear Reactors
  5. C. Charalampopoulos (1981): Decentralized Stabilization of Linear Large Scale Systems
  6. K. Skouras (1982): Development of an Optimal Algorithm for System Reliability
  7. S. Tziakis (1983): Fault Detection and Localisation in Aircrafts (AirForce Academy)
  8. V. Gorgas (1984): Analysis and Design of Control Systems with Orthogonal Functions
  9. A. Tzes (1984): A Study of the Kinematics, Dynamics and Control of Industrial Robots
  10. G. Tsichrintzis (1987): An Expert System for Robot Selection
  11. C. Stellakis (1986): Parallel Implementation of Control Algorithms via Microprocessors
  12. N. Papanikolopoulos (1987): Use of Fuzzy Logic for the Parameter Tuning of PID Controllers
  13. I. Kanellakopoulos (1987): Robust Robot Control
  14. C. Athanassiou (1990): A Generalized Class of Petri Nets: Application to the Control of Discrete Manufacturing Systems
  15. G. Kouparoussos (1990): Motion Programming of a SCARA Robotic Arm: Application to the IRAL RTX Robot
  16. S. Kaltsounis (1991): Robotic Fruit Collector – Architectural, Design and Implementation Issues
  17. G. Tzolos (1992): The Shafer-Dempster Methodology: Application to a Practical Fault Diagnosis Problem
  18. D. Kostis (1995): Adaptive and Robust Control of a 2 D.O.F Flexible Joint Robot
  19. N. Moschos (1996): Hybrid Fuzzy/Expert System for Pricing Policy Selection
  20. G. Pantelelis (1999): Petri Nets in the Control of Discrete Event Systems: Application to a Robotic Crane
  21. K. Deliparaschos (1999): Implementation and Testing of Variable-Time-Delays-Robust Telemanipulation through Master State Prediction (Work done at IRAL in the framework of a bilateral cooperation between the School of ECE of NTUA and the School of Engineering & Manufacture of De Montfort University, UK)
  22. P. Papaporfyriou (2001): Time Series Forecasting via Fuzzy Systems: Economic Applications
  23. W. Von Emden (2002): Symmetry on Fuzzy Control: Applications Implemented on the MATLAB (Work done in the framework of IASTED student exchanges)
  24. H. Gruschinski (2003): Nonlinear PID and State Feedback Controller Design using MATLAB: Application to Benchmark Systems (Work done in the framework of IASTED student exchanges)
  25. S. Evers (2004): Graphics in Robotic Systems via MATLAB (Work done in the framework of IASTED student exchanges)
  26. J. Tsianos (2005): Algorithms for Optimal Cooperation and Supervision of Multi-Agent Systems and Applications
  27. S. Nikolaidis (2006): Control of a Composite Inverted Pendulum – Robotic Acrobat via Neurofuzzy Techniques