Welcome to Melonland,
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At the moment I' m a senior student here in the NTUA. My primary interest is fighting with my friends for the use of politics, watching Tim Allen movies and generally, killing time in front of a TV set.

Other interests include :

Playing around with 3D Studio, the world's greatest modelling and rendering package. There's a new version out, called 3D Studio MAX. It runs under Windows NT and 95 and it completely rules. Check it out here.

Watching Panathinaikos F.C, the greatest sports club of all time, thrive in football and basketball.

Listening to Melissa Etheridge, the best "politically incorrect" female rock singer. Click here to find out more about "Missy" and see her in action.

And just because I have to ...
here are my contributions to the Web.

Don't believe the hype
Find out why Yannis Ioannidis is basketball's most overrated coach.

A dating primer
Find out why graphics addicts are the best dates - or not!

What's the weather like ?
Get a forecast of the weather over Greece. Sorry, no fancy chick giving it to you. Just the facts, ma'am.

For a discussion on Dominique Wilkins and other interesting stuff, click here to contact me.

Assume the attitude! Hook up with the feisty fat cat for a healthy helping of attitude at Garfield's official Web site.

Karpouzis Kostas
Iapetou 21
113 64 Athens
Tel: ++ 30 - 1 - 8626376

Last time I had nothing better to do was on :
January 10th, 1997