Sifis Lazarides' Words of Wisdom

Aien Aristeuein kai Hupeirochon Emmenai Allon (Homer)

"Always excel and be better than all others"

Omnem Crede Diem Tibi Diluxisse Supremum (Horace)

"Always believe that each day that has dawned is the last"

Increscunt Animi, Virescit Volnere Virtus (Unknown)

"The spirit grows, strength is restored by wounding"

Ducunt Fata Volentem, Nolentem Trahunt (Seneca)

"The Fates guide him who will; him who won't they drag"

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield (Alfred Lord Tennyson)  

...and a few words by Master Yoda

No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?

Wars not make one great.

Always in motion is the future.  


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