My Life (the first 23 years)

A picture of me :)


    I was born on January 17, 1976 in the beautiful coastal city of Kavala in the northern part of Greece. I grew up in Kavala where I attended the 14th Kindergarten School, the 11th Elementary School (which was 50m from my house at Moschopoulidou Street), and the 3rd Junior/Senior High School. I graduated from High School in 1993 with a grade average of 19+something.
    Then I had the brilliant idea of taking the entrance exams for the National Technical University of Athens and was accepted the first time around (with a bit of hard work and a whole lot of luck). So at age 17.5 I moved to Athens (September 1993) where I started studying at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    The first couple of years were filled with a lot of general courses which were both useful and boring but somehow I succeeded in getting past them (most of them at least!) and happily arrived at the next few years where I studied what I like most which is a combination of Computer Science/Engineering.
    Now I'm a senior student and hopefully by September I will have received the coveted Diploma for which much sweat and blood has been shed (not to mention quite a few sleepless, over-caffeinated nights of pre-exam cramming). My diploma thesis (under the supervision of M. Vazirgiannis and Prof. Timos Sellis) involves the study and implementation of a data model for spatio-temporal data (VRML) in an object- relational database environment (Informix Universal Server).
    So what's next? Assuming that you're still reading this page (which I have no hope that you are doing but one never knows) here it goes: I'll wrap up my diploma thesis this summer and head for the US of A in the coming fall.
    Well that's about it.  Drop me a line if you want to, I always enjoy hearing from other people. If you've listened to my MIDIs don't hesitate to comment, I really need the feedback. Bye!

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