This is Georgios P. Giannopoulos (ggia) home page.

Photos of myself, my friends a.s.o. ;-)

B&W photo-gallery from Romania.

B&W photo-gallery from Syria.

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Pictures from Romania (in colour).

This is my extremely private home page ;-) You could find information about myself, as my interests, my hobbies, my education and my personal opinions about things like internet, entertainment, life styling and so on.

Where I am at this moment:

I am in Athens.

General description of myself:

I am 25 years of age male. I born on 21 of Octomber 1975 in Maroussi, Athens. I am student in National Technical University of Athens ;-( I am studing electrical engineering and computer science and I am currently in the 9th semester. I am intersted in computer communications and networks (software and hardware part). I am student here in NTUA since March 96. Before I was student in Polytechnics faculty in Bucharest, Romania (PUB -- Politehnica Universitatea Bucuresti). I made my first two years there. I was studying in English speaking department. The languages that I can speak is English and Romanian (Greek=mother tongue).

A personal and scientific friend ;-) is Ioannis Patras

My hobbies/interests are: