Word XML export template

This handy template will export XML from your M$ word documents. It is based on the OfficeXP MSDN example that is freely downloadable from Microsoft's website. I simply imported its modules in VBA and fixed the damn thing in order to work without coredumping.

Its main function is to create an XML file from an already open word document in the same directory with the .DOC file. The generated XML file contains all CSS stylesheet information to use in an HTML generation scenario, but it doesn't save contained shapes or graphics (you have to link them to external files).

If you want Word to automatically load the template for all documents, regardless of originating template, unzip xml.dot to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Startup. If you desire to load the template manually, copy xml.dot to a place where MSWord keeps its user templates (Usually under C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates). If you already have recorded macros you want to keep, then most probably they are saved in the pre-existing normal.dot, so it would be wise to back it up before uncompressing [PSA: wise people always do backups]. Alternatively you can merge the contents of my template into your normal.dot .

When you boot up MSWord, it will (hopefully) have added an "XML" button next to the "Save" button. Pressing it will save an XML version of  the currently active document .

The archive also contains a simple XSL stylesheet (word2html.xsl) to experiment with rendering of HTML pages (although with XML you'll probably want to do more than just that..)

Disclaimer: I don't make any warranties, expressed or implied (blah blah blah) that my little program will work for you. It might ruin your PC. It might cause heavy thunderstorms in Beijing (although no butterfly will flap its wings for that). It might help you understand that Martians do exist. And it might work as expected.
Following Microsoft's licence for that specific MSDN example, I offer NO SUPPORT for its usage. If you don't know what a template is or how it works, or even if your VCR is still blinking at 00:00, don't bugger me with questions. Suggestions and bugfixes are welcome, though.

Download from primary server
*bwhaha*, as if there was a secondary :-)

Elias Karakoulakis, 4/4/2002