Elias's NT Administration Tools & Scripts

Welcome to my NT Administration page. This page contains some NT administration scripts that I've made, as well as some very useful tool that I've found out there that can ease an NT administrator's life. Mail me back if you have any comments, suggestions, etc.

Here's a preliminary list:

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: The information contained in this page is not official whatsoever. Use these scripts at your own risk. They should not been applied to a production server, since they are not optimized for a specific computer configuration and may destroy some special security structures in your machine. The author is not responsible whatsoever for any damage done to your information systems by these scripts. Thy master spoketh.

P.S.: I hate adding legal stuff on the bottom of my documents, but that's neccesary for short-minded people called market managers and their lawyers (corporate lawyers, that is).