Chris P. Giotis (1905-1997)

This web page is dedicated to the loving memory of Christos P. Giotis.

He died peacefully at the age of 92, leaving behind a happy and united family.

His presence will always be with us.

Goodbye grandpa!

Short resume

Born in Ktismata, a small village near the town of Ioannina (Greece), in September 25, 1905.
Left his home village in 1922 and went to Athens to serve the Greek Navy.
Set off for America in 1929 to seek for a better life, worked for 42 years in New York and Washington DC.
Joined the US Army and fought in WW2 as a soldier in the Mediterranean.
Married Niki Apostolides in 1949, and had two children, Maria and Panagiotis.
Returned to Greece in 1971.

With wife, daughter Maria and grandson.

  Page prepared by Elias Karakoulakis